School Dance

From elementary school graduations to semi formals and prom night, Ultimate DJ Services will keep your students dancing with an amazing selection of clean and popular music. Our school dance package includes the full PA system with upgraded bass speakers, a lighting truss with a spectacular effects light show, and a hazer machine to make the lighting even better! Our affordable services are the best choice for your next school dance! Feel free to contact us for special pricing and availability.

Want to see your schools logo projected 30 feet tall on the gym wall?  Ask us how!

Here’s a few things to consider when looking for a DJ for your school:

The music needs to be up to date and also contain all the hits that the students are looking for.

  • Our huge library of music is over 50,000 songs and is constantly updated with new releases.
  • All of the music we use is from a fully licensed DJ pool, ensuring the music is high quality, and is always current. You can rest assured we have all the latest hits!

The music has to have very little racy or suggestive content.

  • For this, we usually keep to the music being played on Top 40 radio. This keeps the faculty happy as they can rest assure that the content will be OK for the students. The students are happy that all the hits that they are already familiar with and enjoy, are being played

All the music must be clean!!!

  • Because our music comes from a fully licensed DJ pool, We are able to get all the hits in both album version and “Radio edit” or “Clean version”

Will the DJ be able to take requests?

  • YES, The student council may submit a song list in advance if desired, and we will take (and play) requests within reason during the dance if desired.
Custom GoBO projection at Bicentennial Jr HighSchool dance at Islandview HighSchool Dance at Bicentennial Jr HighMirror Ball and Laser FX lighting at BicentennialBicentennial Setup 3Bicentennial Setup 5GoBO projector with LasersGetting setup at Island View High SchoolBicentennial setup 2