About Us

Equipment on stage at Kinsac Community Centre
Wedding setup in outdoor tent

Ultimate DJ Services has been doing DJ work in Nova Scotia and PEI since 1997 and we have received many great compliments over the years. It is simply based on knowing what the crowd wants to hear and catering to requests as they arise. We have a professional sound system that is capable of handling anything from a small hall to an outdoor event. Unlike others, we will provide an upgraded sound system at no additional charge. We also have an impressive light show including lasers, mirror ball, mushrooms, topaz, strobe, color organ with 16 par 38s, hazer and fog machine.

Anywhere music is needed as a source of entertainment, we can provide a service to fulfill your needs. Our Specialties include weddings, private parties, anniversaries, family reunions, birthdays, bachelor parties, and corporate events.

All of our work is fully digital, and we have a large library of music to choose from. We have music ranging from the 50’s 60’s 70’s up to the hits of today. We always arrive at the venue well in advance of when the music has to start so that we have time to test all of the equipment and do sound checks before anyone arrives. We take pride in our work and we do have a lot of customers that would be happy to endorse our services and what we have provided for them. References are available upon request.

Ultimate DJ Services purchases our music which is licensed and approved by CONNECT Music Licensing and we constantly update our database to make sure that you get the latest music in your selection.

If you’re seeking a reliable, friendly, and courteous DJ for your event, please contact us and we will get back to you shortly.

Dan Whitmore – Ultimate DJ Services